Company Philosophy

Elite Property Management, LLC was formed to provide exceptional customer service to the clients we manage. We fully understand that our success is based on the client’s satisfaction. It’s that simple.

We have outlined the four main objectives in accomplishing our goal of providing exceptional customer service. They are:

1) Return all phone calls and emails the same day or within 24 hours of receipt. Often an issue can be resolved with a quick response to a maintenance request, violation notice, etc. This objective can never be compromised as far as Elite Property Management, LLC is concerned.

2) Visit the property regularly. It is our belief that you must be on the property regularly to inspect its condition, review work done by contractors, meet with unit owners to understand their concerns, follow up on requests to resolve issues raised by the Board, etc.

3) We will not make a promise we can’t keep. We will tell you when we will write your newsletters, send out bids for landscaping or prepare a report for the Board’s review. We will do what we say and do it when we say it will be done.

4) It is vital to communicate with the Board, unit owners, contractors, etc. as often as
needed. We use community web portals, newsletters, letters, memos, E-mail, conference calls and meetings to consistently and continuously communicate with the community and individuals. We feel an informed group of individuals is a happier one, even if the information is not always positive (for example: special assessment notice). Keeping people informed about the major issues facing a community is a way to keep the community together. We understand this at Elite Property Management LLC, and we strive to raise awareness of what is happening at each community.

Elite Property Management LLC not only wants to meet the expectations of the clients we serve, we want to exceed them. We encourage community owners and residents to contact us whenever they wish to help us provide the best service a company can provide. We will treat each person with respect even when the views of an individual differ from ours on a particular issue.

Elite Property Management LLC must live up to its reputation each day to continue its growth and success.